What is Moremilk?

Well, you can’t pour us on your cereal.

Or put us in your tea.

You won’t find us in the chiller aisle.

And we don’t come in a bottle.

We aren’t all that bothered by cows.

Or udders.

In fact, we’ve nothing at all to do with milk.

Instead, we make strong social and online video.

Story-driven content that sparks curiosity.

The saying goes, ‘more milk, less moo’.

It means shut up and get on with it.

And we love to get on with it.

It’s what we do.

We’re Moremilk.

MoreMilk_DSC_0355 CROPPED 2.jpg

About Liam, our owner

After graduating Film School Liam started work as a runner on TV commercials.  Working in-house for Partizan exposed him to an eclectic variety of jobs, working alongside some of the best producers and directors in the industry.  It wasn’t long before he travelled down the path of Assistant Director, working with the likes of Blink, RSA, Outsider, Rogue and HLA, to name just a few companies.  Over eleven years Liam not only racked up around 800 TV commercial shoots but worked on five feature films and a host of large-scale live music events, such as the Brit Awards and MTV EMAs.

In 2014 Moremilk TV was formed with Liam as our primary director.  We create high quality, story-driven branded content and advertising, and our wealth of experience infuses the very fabric of who we are.

Liam's work is authentic, natural and visual.  He brings out the ‘human’ side of any story, drawing people into the narrative to make his work engaging and accessible.