PR Videos at Moremilk

At Moremilk we’re great at turning around responsive content – delivering high quality videos, quickly.

Ideal for capturing marketing activity, an experiential event or PR stunt.

This type of shoot needs a streamlined approach, which is where our experience really comes into play.  Crews for these jobs typically range from just one to three people, with minimal kit.  This keeps us agile, meaning we can respond quickly to events as they occur.

We edit these projects in-house, allowing for a fast turnaround if that’s what you need.  If your content has to be released same-day or the following day, we’ll look to base an editor either on-set or nearby so we can edit alongside the shoot.  Fluidity is paramount.

Some examples are below.


DOLBY Red Carpet – Fantastic Beasts

Quick-turn event capture shoot.  Self-shooter style with rushes uploaded to client in USA same day/next day for in-house edit. We’ve delivered three of these so far in London and Paris.


TUI/Marella Cruises

PR event at Manchester Airport.  24 hour turnaround from the end of our shoot to delivery of master videos.  Deliverables: 16:9 version for Facebook and online, plus 1:1 re-versioning for Instagram with cutdowns. 263k Facebook views in five days over Christmas.


DOLBY at IBC 2017

Event recap and partner videos to highlight Dolby’s presence at the event and the importance of its partnership network.  Shot over three days in Amsterdam – 4x edits delivered.


DOLBY at IBC 2018

Event recap plus daily edits for immediate social sharing.  Our editor was based in a nearby hotel so he could immediately ingest our rushes and begin the edit.  Over a three day shoot we delivered 5x social videos, released in geo-targeted campaigns running alongside the event.  A subsequent recap video was delivered shortly after we returned to the UK.


Quick-turn event capture for social sharing.

Event recap videos.

Experiential activations.

Trade shows and events.

PR events.