VAUXHALL ONLINE CONTENT  -  'Is this the right car for me?'


To create two car show around videos for online use that would sit at the very end of a customer’s decision-making journey when looking to purchase a new car.  The cars in question were the ADAM and Astra.  These videos needed to address customer concerns and answer everyday questions that are sometimes overlooked in more commercial sales videos.



We devised an approach that was to be both informative and honest.  We wanted the films to feel more like a conversation than a sales pitch.  In developing the scripts we began by identifying common complaints and frequently asked questions, however mundane they might first seem.  We then packaged these into a script, along with additional information and interesting features about each car, making sure we struck a tone that was engaging to watch without being overtly ‘salesy’.

We then sought to find real owners of the cars to present the films.  In working with a genuine Vauxhall-owning cast we honed in the script even more, adding a deeper, more personal layer that resonates well with viewers.



Over 570k combined views on YouTube.

Cost per view was 42% lower than the Vauxhall benchmark.

View through rate was 43% higher than the Vauxhall benchmark, indicating really engaging content.

Average visit time on web pages containing these videos increased by 17% after placing the videos on the page.

Over 10% of all viewers click through to the Vauxhall website post-view, which is up from a typical 4%.

On the success of these online videos, Vauxhall have subsequently commissioned two more, one for Mokka X, the other for Corsa.

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